Better together in gratitude.

From the Co-Chairs:

Dear St. Paul’s Family, 

When we were approached to serve as this year’s Stewardship Chairs, we felt called to say yes. St. Paul’s has provided so much joy and comfort for our family over the years, it just seemed natural to lead the Better Together in Gratitude campaign. 

St. Paul’s is a second home for the Blancos. We, as many of you, can mark family milestones by simply reflecting on our connections, relationships, and activities that have been made possible as part of this church family. We fondly remember working in the nursery when Mercer was a toddler, teaching formation when Bennett was in elementary school, proctoring the youth ushers when Cally was in middle school, and watching all three of our children and their friends acolyte on Sunday mornings. We are still trying to forget the clergy and acolyte leaders having to keep them in line! Our time at St. Paul’s is also etched with ECW Bazaars, Men’s Ministry events, ushering, Vestry meetings, flower arrangements, and some really exciting HOOPS FOR HIM basketball games! The ability to connect with each of you is what we love most about St. Paul’s, so when the threads of normalcy and the fabric of family routine frayed last year during the pandemic, we felt the real pain of the void created. If navigating COVID has taught us anything positive, it is the reminder that we are BETTER TOGETHER!

We are all grateful for the opportunity to be together again, sharing faith, family and friendship. We ask that you join us in gratitude by supporting the annual campaign with your financial commitment to the church. Every gift matters and is an outward expression of your willingness to be part of the “togetherness” of our St. Paul’s family. Your gift helps cultivate the tightly knit community that sustains us, especially during these times of continued uncertainty and change. By pledging your support, we can ensure the operational health of our church, while continuing the ministries and mission of St. Paul’s. We believe our pledge is a spiritual discipline that confirms our commitment to cultivating the “togetherness” that St. Paul’s provides each of us and provides to others throughout our greater Winston-Salem community. 

We ask you to join us this year with your pledge to St. Paul’s. We are so much BETTER TOGETHER. 


Jonathan and Kristie

Frequently Asked Questions

Each fall, St. Paul’s asks every parishioner to make a financial commitment to support the ongoing ministries of church during the coming year. If you are new to the church or about to make your first-ever pledge, we hope these questions and answers will be helpful.

What is a pledge? Your pledge is your heartfelt, documented financial commitment to support St. Paul’s ministries and programs in the year ahead.

Why not simply give as I can through the offering collection plate?Campaign pledges provide the Vestry with an estimate of expected income essential to the preparation of he church’s annual budget. St. Paul’s simply cannot operate and thrive without a reasonable estimate of its financial resources. Your pledge reinforces the importance of God and St. Paul’s in your life.

How much should I pledge? Your pledge is a personal decision between God, you and your family. It should be grounded in your faith, love and commitment to God’s work through St. Paul’s. It requires reflection, prayer and priority.

Is my pledge confidential? Yes. Pledges are kept confidential.

How can I pay my pledge? There are several convenient ways to honor your pledge, including monthly credit card payments, monthly bank draft payments,  personal checks using pledge envelopes or payments of appreciated stocks and IRA payments.

Do you accept pre-payments for next year’s pledge? Yes. We are glad to accept pre-payments. Please let us know on your pledge card that you plan to pay your 2022 pledge in advance.

What if I need to update and change my pledge amount? We understand that life’s circumstances do change, often unexpectedly. Contact the church to have your pledge amount adjusted at any time during the year.

Want to know more? Contact Margaret Turner, Director of Stewardship, at (336) 723-4391, ext. 1210, or