The Rev. John E. Shields

John Shields

Priest Associate

The Rev. John E. Shields is presently serving as Priest Associate, St. Paul’s, Winston-Salem. John was ordained to the priesthood at age 48 in 1986. At that time he was Executive Director of the Council on Drug Abuse and later, Director of Addiction Services, Forsyth Memorial Hospital. His service to the church in the first ten years of ordination was as part-time vicar of two mission churches: St. Elizabeth’s, King and Christ Church, Walnut Cove. In 1997, John left the substance abuse field to join the staff of St. Paul’s (WS) as Associate rector. He was here for 12 years - the last 18 months as interim rector.

After leaving St. Paul’s, John served as interim rector to Church of the Holy Comforter, Charlotte (1 year); Holy Cross, Valle Crucis (2 years); and St. Paul’s, Wilkesboro (2 years).  Since returning to Winston-Salem, John has joined the St. Paul’s staff as Priest Associate, working a part time schedule. Though retired and living at Salemtowne with his wife, Sally Morris-Randall,  John is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of St. Paul’s many ministries. As a person in recovery, he has a particular passion for working with individuals and family members affected by substance use disorders.

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