Science Teacher

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Job description

Winston-Salem Street School

Science Teacher

Teacher Responsibilities

1. Instruction

¨ Plan and implement instruction consistent with the school approved curriculum for assigned subject areas.

¨ Relate concepts and materials to the students and the objectives.

¨ Plan and implement effective use of class time. Model the importance of learning by starting class on time and continuing with instruction until the end of the period.

¨ Organize and manage the classroom to promote a smooth transition from one learning activity to another.

¨ Maintain a clean and well-organized classroom with plenty of examples of student learning.

¨ Hold high expectations for student learning which are realistic and appropriate.

¨ Teach skills for critical-thinking, problem solving, decision making, and independent learning by students.

¨ Design the lesson to stimulate interest and imagination.

¨ Organize instruction to allow for individual differences among learners.

¨ Provide for a review of concepts to re-teach when needed.

¨ Modify instruction to meet the needs of the students.

¨ Offer the learner alternative ways of achieving the objectives and adjust instructional strategies based on the feedback from learners.

¨ Communicate clearly and effectively with learners.

¨ Provide opportunities for questioning, speculation, and originality.

¨ Hold students accountable for timely completion of assigned work.

¨ Employ a variety of methods and materials that will provide a holistic approach to students learning academically, spiritually, and emotionally.

¨ Provide culturally relevant resources and models for our inner city student population.

2. Spiritual

¨ Reflect the purpose of the school to honor and glorify Christ.

¨ Strive to show examples of God’s love and grace when communicating with students and staff, implementing class activities, and resolving challenges.

3. Management

¨ Use school reporting procedures to collect data, maintain student records, and report student progress.

¨ Maintain confidentiality for students in school related matters.

¨ Use a grading system that is consistent with the school assessment policy and which reflects the quality of student work.

¨ Establish a management system that communicates expectations, assignments, and work requirements.

¨ Recognize and reinforce appropriate behavior.

¨ Teach classroom expectations.

¨ Promote an effective system of student responsibility and accountability.

¨ Promote a classroom environment that respects the dignity of the child and is perceived by students as equitable, consistent, and based on clear expectations.

4. Professional Growth

¨ Participate in staff development activities.

¨ Remain current in content area and methods.

¨ Recognize problems within the school environment and actively contribute to their resolution.

¨ Collaborate with colleagues to plan and fulfill responsibilities related to school goals and priorities.

¨ Subscribe to school goals and take a proactive role to achieve them.

¨ Represent the school in a favorable and professional manner to the school’s constituency and the general public.

¨ Attend school functions such as fundraisers, award banquets, graduation, retreats, guest speakers, chapel, etc.

While meeting the needs of our students, the Winston-Salem Street School will make every attempt to work with staff members on establishing a suitable schedule. Certain areas of classroom time and curriculum implementation must remain consistent, but we feel flexibility in scheduling while honoring staff commitments, and respect for personal responsibilities, is key to fostering a healthy and devoted team.

Certain teaching positions can accomplish goals through part-time hours, while other areas might require a fulltime commitment. We will identify those subjects and the areas of need and work with you to create a manageable schedule.

This particular position is for a FT / PT Science Teacher. We currently teach three sciences: Biology, Earth Science, and Physical Science. This position would handle two of the three sciences listed. The class schedule will be Monday – Thursday, with two classes in the morning and one after lunch. If possible, we would like for this position to be available to work Fridays as well, to provide help with club activities, field trips, and possibly science related activities.

For a FT commitment (M-F, 9:00 – 2:30), the compensation for this position will be:

$25,000 (pay) + $5,000 (benefits allowance), for a total compensation of $30,000 annually. Pay for this position is on a 10-month schedule (August – May), and payroll runs on the 15th of each month. The benefits allowance amount in is place of a benefits package. You are allowed to use the amount is you see fit, for health insurance, life insurance, a savings plan, etc.

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