Men’s ministry update

Beginning Monday, Dec 7, all men are invited to our men’s ministry meetings.  These will take place every other Monday from 6-7 pm.  Some will come every time, some won’t and that is okay.  We feel this will accomplish a few things.  First, this creates no pressure in attendance.  Second, we believe that there are men who may need a community whom we are not thinking of.  Third, this invites men to participate when they can and when need.  This group may be fluid, but we are excited to see how this plays out.
The format will be simple as there will be a devotion that will be led by those who sign up (I will do the first two to set expectations) and then we will allow everyone present to share what is happening in their lives both good and bad.  We will then conclude in prayer.  
We hope this allows a place for men to share their thoughts, discover commonalities in celebrations and concerns, and to create a community of prayer.
If you are interested, please contact the Rev. Nick VanHorn

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