Associate Rector for Liturgy and Pastoral Care

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Job Opening: Associate Rector for Liturgy and Pastoral Care

St. Pauls Episcopal Church, Winston-Salem, NC 27101

This position will make a significant contribution to the staff team at St. Paul’s, including all aspects of liturgy, pastoral care, and leadership. The Associate Rector for Liturgy and Pastoral Care will join the current clergy team in administering the full range of general clerical responsibilities for parish ministry. This includes (but is not limited to) preaching, teaching, liturgy, pastoral care, hospital visitation, marriages, funerals, and general ministry oversight. This is a job for someone who loves Jesus, loves being a priest, likes what priests do, and thrives as part of a team. 

Our new associate rector will not only lead us in the way they work but also in the way they rest. St. Paul’s needs a priest who knows how to nurture their own spiritual life and grow deeper as a disciple of Jesus. This includes taking all their vacation time, honoring days off, staying connected to spiritual direction, exercising, and encouraging a culture of doing the same among our staff team and the parish.

In addition to these general responsibilities, the Associate Rector for Liturgy and Pastoral Care will have two specializations. The first is nurturing and overseeing the liturgical life of a large, missionally oriented, downtown parish. St. Paul’s is a church with a rich history of dynamic discipleship and creative outreach. Yet, we recognize that everything we do flows from our worship, particularly as expressed in the 1979 Book of Common Prayer. We are looking for a priest who will nurture and organize our liturgical life so that it continues to be the work of the people, galvanizing us for mission.

The second specialization of this position is the management of our pastoral care. For a resource-sized parish, St. Paul’s works hard to feel like a neighborhood church when it comes to pastoral care. If you are sick and in the hospital, we want to come visit you. If you need a priest in the middle of the night, there is always someone on call. If you have lost a loved one, we want to connect with you on the anniversary of their death. The Associate Rector of Liturgy and Pastoral Care will be in charge of keeping our pastoral care trains running on time, so we can most effectively be the church together and care for one another.

Our ideal candidate is someone who has ordained leadership experience in the Episcopal Church, strong administrative and communication skills, loves people, practices self-care, has some entrepreneurial “umph,” enjoys collaboration, and gets energy from organizing. 

The position is full-time and is designed in both job description, compensation, and benefits for someone who wants to come and stay awhile. 

About St. Pauls Liturgical Life

A House of Prayer for All People”

These words are carved in stone over our front door, and they encapsulate the mission St. Paul’s is trying to live up to every day. We believe that “all” means “all,” and as a result, what you will find here is a really diverse group of people. The congregation at St. Paul’s comes from different upbringings, socio-economic backgrounds, denominational histories, political opinions, ages, ethnicities, and college basketball allegiances. What this makes St. Paul’s is a really big tent. Yet, the thing that unites us in all that diversity is the lordship of Jesus Christ and our common worship. 

As such, the liturgical expression of St. Paul’s is a classical, broad church Anglicanism in the tradition of the English cathedrals. Holy Eucharist is our principal act of worship on Sunday mornings, but we also love Morning Prayer sometimes on Sunday mornings. We love to sing and have a monthly choral Evensong as well as seasonal sung liturgies with incense. But worship at St. Paul’s does not just happen on Sundays.

During the week, we pray the Daily Office and are expanding our offerings of weekday Eucharists as well. Our common life also includes creative liturgical expressions like the annual St. Francis Festival/Blessing of the Animals, a St. Thomas Day Eucharist during Advent, and a historic choral pageant called the Feast of Lights, to name a few. Our worship is traditional in vesture and posture yet progressive in mission and imagination.  If you know the Parsons Handbook, you will recognize some of what we are up to at St. Paul’s.

Leading this community is a staff team of talented people who work hard to cultivate a healthy work culture of collaboration and joy. We need someone to join us who believes that the Holy Spirit, not the Devil, can be found in the details, can keep us organized, and likes to laugh.

If this sounds like you, please get the conversation started by sending your resume, OTM profile, and a letter of interest to the rector, care of the rector’s executive assistant Betsy Reiners (breiners@STPAULS-WS.ORG)

We will be accepting materials through October 31, 2021, and will respond to all applicants. Thank you. We’re already praying for you. 

To submit by mail, please send to:

The Rev. D. Dixon Kinser

c/o Betsy Reiners

St. Paul’s Episcopal Church

520 Summit St.

Winston-Salem, NC 27101